Agape Bible Reading ABR182 博愛读经

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

Greetings in Christ!
Attached is Agape Bible Reading for this week ABR182.

As we all can see, the world is changing. It seems that God does not change with us. That old God seems very stubborn.  Many things God said thousands years ago many of us feel they are wrong today, but He refuses to change His mind, even today. How can we get Him to change His mind or to get Him to follow the trend of the whole world? Or at least get Him to accept or bear what we are doing now? So we can have peace with each other. The Time is DIFFERENT NOW! Otherwise how can He says He is love? After all, we worry that He may get lost or even get drown in the great currents of the world. What is your wisdom to achieve that? Thank you in advance!
我们看到,整个世界在变化。好像上帝不随我们变化。祂老神家好像实在很顽固。 上帝在数千年以前所讲的好些事情,我们好些人今天都认为是错误的。但是,祂今天还拒绝改变思想。我们怎样才能让祂改变主意,让祂跟上世界潮流?至少让祂接受或者容忍我们现在所作的? 让我们可以和平共处。时代不一样了!不然他怎么可以说祂就是愛呢?况且,我们担心祂可能走丢了,或者在世界的洪流当中被淹死了。你有智慧让我们达到那个目标吗?

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